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Born in the buoyant Chinese city of Cholon, which became one of Saigon's districts, he is the son of a doctor who lived in the Mekong delta. He left Vietnam, still a young boy, and spent his youth in Pennsylvania. He went to a catholic boarding school in Drôme, a French province, before he was granted a Master's degree in literature at Paris VIII University.

He studied design in Berlin. Back home, he would think of everything but couldn't remember anything, so he synthesized all modern styles and concepts.

Always leaning towards pure, simple styles, he clears furniture's design of its past, creates alternative dimensions to objects and speaks about design in a way all can understand.

Designs of his including chairs, lamps and carpets are now displayed at Cooper-Hewitt Museum in New York as well as Oslo and Paris Decorative Arts museums. He handled projects for Seibu in Tokyo, won awards Grand Prix de la Critique in 1989 and Grand Prix de la Création de la Ville de Paris the year after. In 1991, he designed Musée de la Poste and, in 1995, Musée de la Contrefaçon.

After thirty years, he returned to Vietnam. There, he was reunited with his family that had been scattered by the war and he fell in love again with his native country. He formed a scheme for exhibitions on arts and handicrafts of Vietnam that were favored by Galeries Lafayette and Bon Marché department stores. In 1996, he established a trademark, "Les Comptoirs d'Annam", that manufactures and sells his creations and revised designs of ancestral Vietnamese handicraft. His quest for traditional know-how and his search for noble, precious and simple materials brought him in 1997 to participate in "Thaïlande, Trésors d'Artisans", a tremendously successful exhibition that took place in Paris at the Eiffel Tower with support of the Queen Sirikit Foundation. "3 Suisses" chose him as home environment designer for their 1998 Spring-Summer catalogue.

Since 2000, he works regulary with Jim Thompson Company in Bangkok : he 's designed for this Foundation its Museum of Textile and the Arts as well as furniture collection, edited by First Time in Paris.

Archaeologist of time to come, he carries his concepts through giving emphasis to everyday natural objects, setting in place imperishable ideas and forms.